Racket Restringing Services

We offer a high quality racket stringing service and are able to offer advice on squash racket restringing.

 Harjinder  provides much needed racket stringing service in Wilsden and surrounding areas of Bradford


Our customers are our number one priority therefore we will always provide you with a fast, friendly and reliable service. We are always happy to offer advice should you require any . There is great choice of strings available, and you can even supply us with your own string. We can also provide and fit new grips, grommet sets and bumper strips.If you do not see what you are looking for, then feel free to ask and we will do our best to supply it to you.

For All Your Racquet Restring Needs

We are here to help with all your restringing, accessories requirements. I can help you with most Racquet restrings.




Are just the few of the rackets I have restrung over the  years.I being a keen squash player myself, and my son Taminder who turned professional squash player in 2013.Having strung Taminders’ and his fellow professional players rackets for many years i try and provide very fast and efficient overnight service where possible.

With our comprehensive record keeping and customer feedback ,  it is vital tool in helping players find the appropriate and most suitable string and tension for their playing style.

We only use the quality electronic stringing machine to do your restringing.

Guide To Squash Racket Restringing

String Tension

Every racket comes with a recommended string tension which is sometimes listed on the racket throat.

There is a common misconception when choosing squash racket strings that a higher string tension gives greater power. In fact the reverse is true. A higher or tighter string tension provides less power but increases control. This is because the string works like a trampoline. When the ball hits the racket it ‘catches’ then shoots the ball back out again with greater power (also known as ‘rebound’)

Less Tension

A racket strung at a lower tension will provide more power than one at high tension. Generally better for players still developing their game.

More Tension

Provides greater control and more applicable for advanced players who are aiming for precise length and width; and of course nicks.

The recommended tension when restringing squash rackets is 20-35lbs. In general larger racket heads will require higher tension than smaller ones in order to achieve comparable playability levels.

Racket strings will lose tension over time, even if they are not in constant use.

String Gauge

Thin strings are more powerful but do tend to be less durable so can work out more costly to use as more frequent restrings may be required. Thicker strings are more resistant but as they are generally less powerful there is a trade off.

Squash strings range from 1.06mm – 1.30mm thickness. Thicker strings are available but these are really designed for Tennis or Racquetball rackets with larger head.

There are different types of string:

Natural Gut

Natural gut strings have great resilience and offer good control and touch. They do tend to be more commonly used in tennis rackets and can be very costly.

Synthetic Strings

Most squash players come pre-strung by the manufacturers with synthetic strings and there are several types available i.e. monofilament (one solid piece), multifilament (many pieces intertwined) or nylon.